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Your Vehicles - Bolster Fleet Maintenance 

Automate maintenance schedules to keep fleet vehicles motoring 

Keeping track of vehicle maintenance and service records can be a demanding, tedious, and labor-intensive process. FleetDaddy replaces time consuming manual maintenance scheduling with an automated preventative maintenance management program. Regular preventative maintenance extends the service life of fleet vehicles and increases the resale value. With FleetDaddy, it’s a snap to get a summary of all maintenance and repairs logged for all fleet vehicles within any time period, including service type, costs, date, and mileage. 

FleetDaddy provides:


  • Accurate mileage information to schedule on-time preventative maintenance for vehicles

  • Daily odometer updates for each vehicle

  • Customizable service plans to stay up to date on fleet vehicle maintenance needs, record completed repairs, and keep costs under control

  • Scheduled alerts for when fleet vehicles have reached predetermined maintenance intervals based on date, vehicle mileage, or hours of use

  • Alerts programmed for insurance, registration, and driver license renewals

  • Storage for key vehicle information such as year, make, model, and VIN# in one secure location

  •  Identification of any fleet vehicle misuse

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