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Your Drivers - Increase Fuel Efficiency 

Cut fleet fuel costs with better driver and vehicle insight

Fuel is often twenty-five percent of operating costs. However, reduced idling time, less aggressive driving, and better route management dramatically decrease fuel consumption. By monitoring your fleet’s fuel economy, FleetDaddy identifies drivers that need training. As a result, businesses using FleetDaddy routinely see fuel savings of ten percent or more. Fleet fuel costs are reduced by features such as:

FleetDaddy provides:

  • An interactive online fleet map show vehicles’ locations and mobility, and indicates if ignition is on or off

  • Information about which vehicles idle excessively so you can establish policies that reduce idle time to significantly cut fuel costs.

    •  Engine idle report

  • Unsafe or speeding driver alerts help identify training needs to significantly improve MPG, fuel economy, and driver safety.

    •  High speed and acceleration reports

  • Customizable graphs and charts that show MPG over time.

    • Vehicle utilization report displays miles driven, fuel consumption, and a group percentage total by vehicle of consumption compared to your total fleet

    • Specific vehicles’ records can be compared to base MPG to identify vehicles exceeding base thresholds

  • Unauthorized fleet vehicle use notification

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