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Vehicle tracking keeps drivers moving and customers happy

Getting the right vehicle to the right place is easy when you know the location of your vehicles and drivers. FleetDaddy vehicle tracking gets drivers to your customers quickly and improves customer service. Our fleet maps easily and clearly show you how to reach your customers more quickly. FleetDaddy route planning tools are fast, intuitive, and flexible. Our satellite and hybrid maps give you the ability to observe vehicles in a real-world setting with 3D earth imagery to provide an accurate and realistic depiction of a vehicle’s location and its geographical surroundings. FleetDaddy state-of-the industry mapping tools help you improve customer service, stay ahead of your competition, and increase revenue.

Geofences alert you when vehicles enter or exit a designated area. FleetDaddy offers both circular and polygonal geofences to help you designate the most precise geographic boundaries. You’ll be able to see how many miles and how long each vehicle traveled, and can even run a historical exception report to see which vehicles have driven outside a geofence. 

  • View vehicle location in real time with satellite, hybrid, and street map views

  • Help predict shipment arrival times. Our Live Share feature enables your customers to track assets, packages or cargo in real time

  • Plan and organize the most efficient route and order of stops for a list of addresses

  • Pinpoint and track fleet vehicle location information at any time

  • Access saved routes or reverse routes with a click of the mouse

  • Monitor vehicle location within a geofence or near a landmark

  • Save regular routes and display them in map view

  • Manage specific vehicle assignments

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