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Powerful Tools for Comprehensive Fleet Management 


Fleet Daddy provides the most practical, affordable, easy-to-use fleet management solutions in the industry. Improve operations, asset utilization and driver safety with GPS software that scales to fit fleets of all sizes. Reduce labor and fuel costs by minimizing idle time and total mileage while increasing the quantity of work completed. FleetDaddy is THE product you can rely on.


The FleetDaddy client interface is quick, simple and customizable. With just a few clicks, you can run any report or map for a single vehicle, a group of vehicles, or your entire fleet. Schedule reports, set up alerts, and administer your vehicle, driver, and user groups easily from our efficient web-based interface.


You need more than just the location of your vehicles. FleetDaddy is powered by Google® Maps, the industry leading mapping software, providing pinpoint address accuracy, street view and real-time traffic. Know where your drivers are right now and in full context of key locations on the map. Use our tools to confidently and quickly make critical decisions with a complete picture of your fleet.


Make sure you are saving miles/hours/dollars by streamlining your drivers’ daily route. By utilizing intelligent and optimized routes, your fleet’s efficiency will be significantly increased. Fewer miles driving to customers in the wrong order means, less fuel, less labor, and less maintenance. It all adds up to improved customer satisfaction and a significant advantage for your company after installing FleetDaddy.


FleetDaddy makes it easy to designate areas on the map that your trucks are allowed or not allowed. This means you can indicate a work site, client location, or questionable service area. The fleet tracking system will then report on when your vehicles enter or exit these geofenced areas as well as how long they spent there.


Data is the life blood of a successful fleet management program. FleetDaddy tracking system provides robust on-demand or automated reporting that ensures you always have exactly the information you need, exactly when you need it. This improves efficiency, reduces operating costs, extends the life of your fleet and just makes your job easier.

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